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Saturday, September 30, 2006

London Bridge?

Doom has some ponderings Doom would like to share with the peasants....

"London Bridges" by Fergie....what is this London Bridge? What does it represent? Why is it the most annoying song ever? Does Fergie's drawbridge go up? Does it go down?

As Doom's serf Brendan would say (a musical math segment, if you will):

Kids Inc + crystal meth = Fergie

Yes, Fergie was on "KIDS INCORPORATED" along with Jennifer Love "Ghost Whisperer" Hewitt and that dude from Kids Inc in "The Monster Squad." You know you love that movie....Wolfman does indeed have nards....

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Compliment Doom?

Recently, Doom has been complimented via The Summer of Compliments blog. Doom is friggin touched!!!

Gosh.....Doom has been around for a while, letting the peasants read Doom's thoughts.

Okay, enough of that. Doom's armor will rust. And trust Doom, nobody wants that.

New season of LOST next week, pretty cool. Doom will more of an update on everything later, when Doom is less busy. Killing Richards is a full-time job, people!


Compliment Doom?

Monday, September 04, 2006

Crikey!! Snakes!

A moment of silence for that Australian Reptilian Adventurer known as the Croc Hunter. He's dead, bitch!!! Holy Crap!

Saw Snakes on a Plane with the great Samuel L. It's even better with audience participation. Pretty cheesey but damn good. Allow Doom to break it down.

  • Extreme Action Sports Guy/Witness suddenly developed an Australian accent in one scene of the movie.
  • Hot topless chick (and one half of the mile high club) got bit in a place that would be extremely painful. Did the snake die of silicone poisoning? Doom's joking, of course. They were very nice breasts. Really nice. Another dude got bit on his Johnson. See, that's why Doom's shit is armored. Try to bite that, snake!
  • The Captain of Sexual Harassment was on board, too. Best lines after Samuel L.
  • Best death scenes ever. Very painful looking. High heel through the ear gots to be painful!
  • Dick/Snooty British Guy was killed in a very ingenious way by an wide-mouth Anaconda right after feeding a flippin' ankle-biting dog (named Mary Kate) to it. Wow. That's all Doom had to say.
  • Samuel L. Jackson had the best lines since Pulp Fiction. When he stated the immortal line of "I'm sick and tired of these Motherfuckin snakes on this Motherfuckin' plane!" the audience went nuts. The physics following this monologue were ridiculous. Blame the Mythbusters.
  • Why they had a kickboxing champion on board who demonstrated no kung-fu-ery. What up with that?
  • Finally, props to Kel Mitchell. He landed the plane!! One has to see this scene to believe it.

Lata peasants.