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Sunday, March 26, 2006

Updates Galore, Kinda


Okay, okay so Doom hasn't been updating regularly. Doom has been very busy. Celebrating the Doom's birthday is a national holiday in Latveria. A month-long affair.

Some new movies have been viewed. XXX: State of the Union and Transporter 2 are some good flicks, if you take your brain out for a while and put in a jar next to your dentures. Just something you don't have to think about. Over the top action (Doom's not referring to backwards-cap wearin' arm wrasslin' either) and cool weaponry. Also saw Good Night and Good Luck. Powerful flick, great acting. Damn you McCarthy!!!

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Dharma No-Spoil Ranch Dressing

Ah, Lost. Gotta love it. Last night was another weird one....

Henry Gale, the alleged Other kept prisoner in the bunker: Gale is also the name of Dorothy's uncle from Wizard of Oz. And Other Gale did say he flew in a hot-air balloon. Very manipulative individual, making Locke go nuts in the kitchen. Dostevsky (the author he's reading, according to Con Air said you can judge a society by the way they keep their prisoners....) And what is THE DHARMA PROJECT?

Teenage Dharma girl: Could it be Alex Rousseau, crazy french lady's daughter kidnapped 14 years ago?

Ethan Rom the wild Other: Anagram for "Other Man" and "More Than."

Zeke the Other Sea Captain: Kate found his beard and theatrical stuff in a locker. The Others aren't the wild redneckian bunch living off the fat of the land. Dharma doctors perhaps?

24: Jack's hot daughter Kim is back. Let's hope she doesn't cause anybody else to lose limbs for her. It's heart attack time. President Logan is bothering the hell out of Doom.