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Tuesday, February 21, 2006


Jay is right, Affleck really was the bomb in Phantoms, yo.

Doom saw "Stealth." Not the piece of crap everybody made it out to be. A little too long. But it had Jessica Biel in a bikini and revealing her bra size. That's just good cinematography.
But Doom digresses... Mr. Golddigger, himself, Jamie "Ray" Fox bit the bullet and rammed into a mountain. There was an annoying self-aware super jet that, after killing Ray, later rams himself (itself?) into a Korean helicopter. Fairly cool dogfighting scenes, future weaponry. Perhaps Doom should buy one for Latverian security.
That damn KARR didn't work out. Stupid sentient machinery. Bah!

And Doom doesn't care the ending is now ruined!

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Wookin Pa Nub

Greetings, bee-yotches! Word to your moms, Doom came to drop bombs.

Doom has been busy these last several weeks, looking up useless information on this...World Wide Web.

Weirdest Clothing Doom has always wanted Pillow Fighter Pants.

Not Quite Human. More brilliantness from the Boy Who Could Fly. And Doom also thinks there was some kid with a super-soaker full of piss.....but that may be a flashback.

Chuck Norris Facts. Amazing. Simply Amazing.

This was being read on LOST last week: The Bad Twin. Gary Troup is an anagram for Purgatory....the plot thickens, but DOOM already knows how it will all end. Fools.

The Doom's Blog is gaining popularity, judging by the Google hits. Spread the word of DOOM, peasants!

Whew. Doom is exhausted. It ain't easy being a genius. Richards is a wuss.