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Sunday, January 29, 2006

El Chupacabra y mis pantalones


Donde esta la biblioteca? Mi bigote es muy grande y los zapatos son muy malo. No necesitas sus pantalones porque tu eres muy caliente!

Adios, el espanol de DOOM es muy mal pero, no es importante!

Viva el chupamiel!!

Monday, January 23, 2006

Geronimo Jackson

Just who is the band "Geronimo Jackson" from LOST? And is the hot psychiatrist from the Tail Section's Hurley's shrink from the asylum? Damn good show....

Saw "Underworld: Evolution." Awesome movie, brutal deaths and injuries. Doom's kinda movie.
Also bought "Flash" DVD.

Doom out.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

New Year's Revolutions

New Years Resolutions, eh? Very well, Doom will now give 5 to you in no particular order:

1. Kill Richards. Not Khan, Mondego, or whatever insufferable fool may "be in fashion." Richards. Head on a pike. Or a plate. With a nice Kianti and some fava beans. Fool.
2. Lose weight. The ol' armor's feeling a bit tighter than usual. Actually, it's probably Doom's tailor's fault. Doom did do away with his whole family. And that mistress.
2 (revised). Kill Tailor.
3. Take over the world. This one's a given. Latveria's just a trial run.
4. Continue to develop mind-blowing weaponry to use on innocent civilians and the ocassional superhero.
5. Do a little dance, make a little Doom's future wife, Jessica Alba. Yes, #5 is to bone Jessica Alba a little more in '06.

And that's all there is to it. Doom is perfect and therefore has no need to make your pathetic New Year's Resolutions. Fools!! One day Doom shall rule you all!!!!

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Portrait of The Bastard as a Young Man

Who is Richards?

Doom has often asked this question, and is unable to come up with a suitable answer. Richards is the stretchy, small-brained, chucklehead "leader" of the so-called Fantastic Four. Mr Fantastic indeed. Mr Mediocre is more like it. But Doom digresses.

Doom was once a young strapping physics student. Who also could totally do magic. Desperate to free the Doom mother from the hoary hosts of Hell, Doom embarked on a journey to do so. The calculations were correct, all was right. Until that fool, Richards butted in and destroyed everything. To make a long story short, Doom was kicked out of school by feeble-minded administrators. Richards became the enemy. That is all....Doom does not wish to dwell on these memories any longer. RICHARDS!!!!

Go play "Half-Life 2." Now. If you're good, perhaps Doom will reveal Doom's New Year Resolutions.