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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Lost in 24 and Mutants

Well, the TV season has now ended, another year wasted in front of the boob tube (mmm...boobs).

24: Jack Bauer has once again saved the day and killed a lot of people. The President has gone down. He's on a slow ship to China.

Lost: Holy Crap, where should Doom begin? Desmond, Eko and Locke could be dead, and nobody has investigated the frickin' Hatch?! Michael and his son are gone, and Jack, Sawyer and Kate have been taken captive by the Others. And it turns out that Henry is in charge!!

X-Men 3: Not as good as the first 2, but okay. Many deaths (yes, long has Doom prayed for the deaths of these meddlesome mutants) and cures. Kitty Pryde looking good this time around, Rogue not too shabby either. Miss Toad and Sabretooth, but Pyro is fairly cool....

Until next time, peons!


Blogger jrwoodchuckette said...

hey! kitty pryde looked about 15!

how goes it? M

10:45 PM  
Blogger james said...

LOL Doom you perv.
She pretty much owned Juggy.

How about some updates! I know that evil mind of yours is always plotting.

The other D proposed to his GF on 6/06/2006, what a freek.

The wedding would be fun.

5:27 PM  

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