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Thursday, March 02, 2006

Dharma No-Spoil Ranch Dressing

Ah, Lost. Gotta love it. Last night was another weird one....

Henry Gale, the alleged Other kept prisoner in the bunker: Gale is also the name of Dorothy's uncle from Wizard of Oz. And Other Gale did say he flew in a hot-air balloon. Very manipulative individual, making Locke go nuts in the kitchen. Dostevsky (the author he's reading, according to Con Air said you can judge a society by the way they keep their prisoners....) And what is THE DHARMA PROJECT?

Teenage Dharma girl: Could it be Alex Rousseau, crazy french lady's daughter kidnapped 14 years ago?

Ethan Rom the wild Other: Anagram for "Other Man" and "More Than."

Zeke the Other Sea Captain: Kate found his beard and theatrical stuff in a locker. The Others aren't the wild redneckian bunch living off the fat of the land. Dharma doctors perhaps?

24: Jack's hot daughter Kim is back. Let's hope she doesn't cause anybody else to lose limbs for her. It's heart attack time. President Logan is bothering the hell out of Doom.


Anonymous Verity Kindle said...

Okay, so they're on a remote and therefore probably not enormous island. And they didn't know until recently that there were tribes of hundreds of plane-crash survivors scattered all over? Are they all crazy? Are they just not paying attention? Maybe I should start watching it?

7:31 AM  
Anonymous Verity Kindle said...

Doom, it is time for updates! What is going on in Casa Doom? Any new lady friends? Are you still hopelesely devoted to Miss Alba? Richards-related wacky hijinks? At least put a bag of flaming poo on his front porch or something, man.........

6:41 PM  

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