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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Chaka Unh

Doom is discovering that Doom has many fans. It is these people who have good taste. And hate Richards. Speaking of that fool, Richards: the Fantastic Four Movie is only a few months away. What's with the trailer? "Five Astronauts. One is bad. Four are Fantastic." Or something like that. Doom ain't down with good press for Richards. Or HERBIE. Are they saying Doom is a bad astronaut? Did Doom not mix the Tang right? FOOLS!!

Mythbusters is a good show. Doom enjoys watching stuff blow up.

Congratulations, Jennie! She has supported Doom through many a campaign.

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

News that fits, Doom prints

Leo? You dare tell Doom to grow up? Doom doesn't even know who the hell you are!!! Fool!! One day Doom will rule you, too...And Noran, thank you for the encouragement, but why conquer England, when you can just conquer the whole world and be done with it...

Some worthwhile news stories:

Mad Max fans arrested. Even Doom knows better than to roll down the street with machine guns.

Bigfoot spotted! One day, Doom will have your carcass in Doom's rompus room, Chewbacca!

Also, go buy Twisted Toyfare Theater, Vol 5, starring DOOM.

Nuff said Peasants.

Thursday, April 14, 2005


Doom has a confession to make....

Yes, Doom is the father of Britney Spears' baby! Doom did indeed hit that one more time!

Monday, April 11, 2005

The Philosophy of Lil Jon

Doom has found a new guru. None can rival Doom, but Lil Jon does come damn close. No, not Robin Hood's compatriot (steal from the rich, indeed. Try it again, Englishman!), but that Krunk-addled rapper.
Lil Jon's philosophy can be boiled down to the three words that have become a mainstay in his vocabulary. It's better to hear it, but Doom will attempt.

Yeah!: shows a willingness to please and to be enthusiastic.

Okay!: to go along with the flow.

What?: always questioning.

So, Lil Jon, Doom raises his pimp cup to you. The Titan of Tomfoolery. The gold-toothed hellion of hip-hopdom. Doom would also like to raise the pimp cup to both Tiger Woods and the Boston Red Sox. Except for you, Pedro Martinez. Who crapped in your cornflakes?
Until then, peace out and word to your mother.

Monday, April 04, 2005

Shamrocks and Shennanigans

Doom saw "Sin City" in all of its noir, black and white stylized violence. Carla Gugina was buck naked throughout the majority of the movie, Doom's future wife Jessica Alba (as Nancy) was not. Pulp Fiction-esque, it had several major story lines. Callahan (Bruce Willis), Marv (whom Doom would like to hire--just see the flick) and Dwight and the Hookers all with separate story lines but still tied in. Doom is pleased they didn't mess it up. Even Frank Miller shows up. He gets killed, just like in Daredevil. It also had funny parts, so Doom could laugh amongst the blood and violence ( as Doom often does).

Doom also purchased Series 5 and 6 of "RED DWARF." If you do not like Red Dwarf, then you are a smeghead. And the Star Wars Clone Wars series, 1st season.

Next up, the Philosophy that is LITTLE JOHN. Yeah!

Fools. One day, Doom will rule you all. Especially you, Burger King. Richards, of course, will be dead by then.

Friday, April 01, 2005

Reed Richards is Doom's Hero

Ah...Reed Richards. Quite possibly the only other man who possibly surpasses Doom's intellect. Doom enjoys the crap out of Richard's company, his brain. And he can stretch really far. When the the nattering ninnies of negativity started to whisper in Richard's ear about a ship with bad shielding, he said nay! It was Richard's awesome intellectual prowess that lead the four, wait, the Fantastic Four to a destiny unheard. Reed Richards is in fact, Doom's hero. He is the Man.

Bah!! April Fools, Fools!!!!!