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Sunday, May 01, 2005


Doom has received news that Kevin Smith gives the new Star Wars movie great reviews. This makes Doom want to see it that much more. Despite reports of little Vader coverage. Check this out, lunchbox.

Rocket Car!!!

Doom believes that a new "Real World" cast should be put together, with Lil Jon, Sean Connery and Tommy Lee Jones (What? I don't care! Shuttup, I'm working!)

Red Dwarf toys...smegheads!

Best movie ever. Poor man's SCREAM, but with, uh, strippers and lawyers.


Blogger james said...

It betetr be good to make up for the last two.

2:42 PM  
Blogger intrinsik said...

I think that you should throw Barbara Walters into the mix for the Real World cast. Her and Christina Aguilera.

Ah, I can see it now..

Barbara: "Hewwoah, I'm Bawbwa Wawltuhs! Wet's be fwiends! Would it be aw-wight if I asked you a few questions, pwease?"
Christina: "Bitch, don't be botherin' me."
Connery: "Shut up both of you!"
Lil John: "Okaaaay!"
Connery: "Not you, you shtupid bastahd. I'm trying to woahk, shee?"
Jones: "I don't care!"
Christina: "{beep} this (beep) you bunch of (beep)ing (beep)'s. I'm outah here."


9:48 PM  

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