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Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Santa? Bah!

Doom has compiled a detailed list of some of Doom's favorite things. Doom would therefore like these things for Christmas. Doom promises not to conquer your block as fast.


Doom has so much holiday spirit, Doom's practically crapping out jingle bells.
(Thanks Mikey from OCC)

Thursday, December 16, 2004

Doom and Ebert

Doom has decided to share with you, the reader, some movie reviews. Also some holiday humbug.

Blade Trinity: The third chapter in the Blade movies. So, Daywalker. You have returned to rule the box office. Wait until "The Victor Von Doom Story," also known as "The Fantastic Four Movie." Doom will have his revenge. Anways, a good movie filled with vampire killin' and intrigue. Didn't like Parker Posey as a gender-confused vampire lord. All wrong for the part, looked too old and too scared. The ex-John Doe, Dominc Purcell was great as Drake. His design is much like the Reapers from the second Blade movie. Doom can't abide those damn vampires.

Office Space: Yes! If Doom ever worked in an office environment, this is what Doom's office would be like. Funny, and Doom rarely laughs except at the expense of others.

That's the end of the movie reviews for this week, peasant and you'd better like it. In addition, Doom had his web-minions up late the last couple of weeks (okay, years) to prepare some special Doom-mas treats.

6 Christmas movies you forgot were Christmas movies

Doom also found this excellent review of DOOM'S BLOG. And right it is. Doom has spoken.

Thursday, December 09, 2004

Action Jackson

Samuel L. Jackson is the Man. Perhaps even more of the Man than Doom is, if such a thing is possible. Some of the greatest lines in movie history have been uttered by him. Try speaking these lines, at the top of your lungs, when you're all alone in a big castle with a country to run.

"Honey, where is my super suit?"
"And you will know my name is the LORD..."
"Yes they deserved to die and I hope they burn in Hell!"
"This is a tasty burger."

Check out this Sam Jackson soundboard.

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Early Morning Stone Pimp

Doom has conquered time travel. Took power from The Beyonder. Defeated Richards and the so-called Fantastic Four numerous times.

But there is one thing Doom does not MTV's Laguna Beach real? Doom cannot fathom a guess? It looks fake, it has hot 18-yr old girls doing things in ready-made situations....

So Doom did what Doom thought was right: Doom asked Jeeves. Apparently it is! Doom knows it is crap, but is it

Saturday, December 04, 2004

Schoolyard Justice

Ah. Thanksgiving is now over. Much turkey. Much football. That means Doom-mas is almost here. More on that later.

Doom was recently clued into the fact that Doom's blog doesn't sound too much like Doom lately. That insignificant gnat is now the mortar that holds Doom's brick wall together. Somehow he was sent by Richards. How Doom hates Richards.

Doom has decided to publish a short portion of his college journal for all you future despots. Just stay away from Latveria, that is territory that belongs to DOOM.

March 22

Doom demands Schoolyard Justice! A wrong has been committed against Doom's personage! Doom knows for a fact that is was Richards who pennied Doom into his dorm room just when Doom has to use the bathroom. Trying to discover a way to get one's Damned mother out of Hell takes work and lots of Mountain Dew. One day Richards. One Day.

Doom recommends these sites, so go to them, peon!

Doom finds BebopGirl83 most amusing....

Las Vegas Trikes

The hilarity that is Toshi Station