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Monday, November 22, 2004

Choppers, Conspiracies and Treasure

Doom has become addicted to the television program known as American Chopper. A bickering family builds custom motorcycles, and it is good. Perhaps Doom shall contact them to build a...DOOM BIKE.
Doom also saw the movie National Treasure. Full of US history, an American DaVinci Code. Excellent.

Also Doom is smelling a conspiracy. Indiana Pacer Ron Artest has been suspended after the fracas a few nights ago. This just after this chucklehead asked for 30 days off to promote his rap album. Conspiracy? Doom believes so!!!

Stay tuned, for Doom has prepared a special Thanksgiving treat.

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Dust. Wind. Dude.

Thinking of the 80's got Doom's mind going. Being 100 times smarter than you would do this. Especially Richards. Doom has taken the time to research some of Doom's favorite pop culture icons of the 80's. Click on the links or feel Doom's wrath....

Ookla The Mok

Greatest American Hero

Wyld Stallyns

A final thought. If Doom were a poet, Doom would totally dominate the pro-poetry circuit.

Monday, November 15, 2004

Fast Times At Bust Your Buddy High

Doom has recently purchased the DVD set of "21 Jumpstreet." Filled with 80's goodness and Captain Jack Sparrow as a cop pretending to be a high school student. Just some damn good nostalgia. They don't make cop shows like that anymore. Ah, the 80's. Doom remembers them well. Launching the Baxter Building into space every few weeks. Calling Ben Grimm a buffoon. Calling Richards a mega-buffoon. Zebra pants, rad music and Valley Girls. Good times, good times. Doom's out like a fat kid in dodgeball.

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Darth Vader: Bitin' on Doom's look?

Doom has just witnessed the teaser trailer for Star Wars: Episode 3 Revenge of The Sith. Doom is beyond words. Lava fighting, jedi purges, and what's this? A once-handsome, mask and armor wearing, lost student of the mystic arts? Sounds familar? Yes, IT IS a blatant ripoff of Doom! Holy Crap, how could Doom's lawyer's miss this? Perhaps Doom can forgive this...Lucas...if the movie does not suck.
Watch the TRAILER, peon!

Last week, Doom, was, as the British (bah!) would say, a bit peckish. Doom went into the kitchen and saw the cook watching THE OC. Beautiful people with beautiful problems. But the teen angst did overcome Doom. Hot chicks seemingly wearing prom dresses all the time, Hulking out and throwing furniture into a pool. Doom does feel ashamed to have watched this. Doom, too, once had OC-esque good looks until Richards. Rat bastard....

Oh yes, and you will visit

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Vote it your way

What's this? How many times does Doom have to tell you, O Burger King, to stay out of Doom's bed in the morning! Practically every freakin' morning, Doom awakens to a giant-headed monarch toting breakfast sandwiches and kingly jewelry! Doom told you the last time, if Doom wanted an Egg McMuffin, Doom would ask for an Egg McMuffin! Stay out of Doom's bed, it's really creeping Doom out.... only Jessica Alba may share Doom's bed.

Also, vote or die peasants! Not because that song-stealing P Diddy told you to, but because DOOM told you to!

uhm, rock the vote, yo.

Monday, November 01, 2004

Champions and Pagans Both

Doom apologizes for allowing this blog to be published so late, but there are things that had to be done around Castle Doom!

The Red Sox are the new World Series Champions. First time in 86 years. The moment fans have been waiting for all their lives. Excellent... Waiting for the merchandise at Dick's was quite taxing. Doom had to kill at least 2 people for their spots in line. Doom waits in no man's line!

Halloween has come and gone as well. The children of Latveria love to dress up as Doom. Do they dress up as Richards? No! It is forbidden while in Latveria. Doom had no time to pass out candy so the children can be administered glucose in the morning. No, Doom's time was spent checking Latveria's skies so The Great Pumpkin would not come in unexpected. No pagan god of blanket-holding children will be worshipped while Doom is around. Doom is forever! All will worship Doom!! Order and despair!!